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Image of gold metallic judgement scales.

Core Belief: Successful Deals Occur in the Range of Fairness:

In any transaction that involves any level of human interaction or post-closing support, for a deal to succeed, it must occur in a ‘Range of Fairness”.


That Range is the intersection of perceptual belief of what is fair, after discussion and negotiation, between the Seller and Buyer.

One can get a deal done outside of that range, but if either party feels the deal is outside of that range, they will work to drag it back within the range:

  • If a Buyer feels they have overpaid, they often try to find ways to get back into the Range of Fairness—and not always in ways that create value for the Seller.

  • If a Buyer sees a deal perform well, we have found they are often more generous on post-closing items.

  • If a Seller feels he has been shorted, we have seen Sellers (intentionally or not) destroy value post close.

  • Conversely, if a Seller feels he has been overpaid, we often see Sellers will work to deliver more value post-close to the buyer.

  • If we do the deal within the Range of Fairness, both parties tend to work best post-closing leading to the overall success of the transaction for both parties.

Graphic of two circles overlapping explaining the Range of Fairness
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