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Understanding Industries, Finding Successful Entry Points and Building Value

While the bulk of our work is helping Independent Entrepreneurs sell their businesses, we have done significant work in support of Private Equity Firms and Strategic Acquirers.

  • We Identify Attractive Industries, Help Investors Understand these Industries—and Develop a Winning Plans to Succeed in These Industries
    AAI work has typically included:

    • Finding and understanding attractive Industries

    • Understanding value drivers and what can create an unfair advantage

    • Finding the sub-industry sectors that are either most attractive or can help drive value in the larger plan

    • Develop a Winning Plan

    • Target Identification & Engagement

    • Understand the mindset and goals of the Sellers

    • Engage with attractive targets, and

    • Initiate deal discussions on potential purchase

Separately, Graham has and continues to support BASE in connecting Private Equity buyers to attractive BASE Identified potential acquisitions in areas of their interest.

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