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We get deals done.
We have completed scores of transactions both as a buyer and as a seller (including selling businesses we have personally founded & built — as many of our clients do). As such, we hope to better understand the mindset of all parties at the table—with the goal of meeting Our Clients’ needs and getting a transaction smoothly to the table.

Our goal is to garner You maximal value and navigate the deal process effectively for You.

  • We help Entrepreneurs successfully plan and execute the Sale of Businesses

    • Identify & maintain consistent contact with high quality buyers.

    • Enable conversations that are not ‘principal to principal’, allowing leeway for a transaction to develop.

    • Create willing buyers.

    • Assist in packaging financial, operational and market data into concise sales & diligence package.

    • Develop and negotiate sale structures on favorable terms.

    • Build deal momentum.

    • Provide you with a buffer in negotiations, which generally enables you to get more attractive terms.

    • Clearly and accurately paper these transactions in conjunction with your legal team.

    • Work with you to successfully close on the sale.

    • Provide post-sale support as needed.

Understanding Industries, Finding Successful Entry Points and Building Value
While the bulk of our work is helping Independent Entrepreneurs sell their businesses, we have done significant work in support of Private Equity Firms and Strategic Acquirers.

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